expeditious post/ 3.11.2020


I am taking sometime to get my voting life together. Here up in O-H-I-O we are scheduled for voting 3/17/2020. There are some local issues that need to be researched before next Tuesday. I will be researching over thenweek and weekend. The following week they’re some ideas swirling in my head for posts. In the mean while please stay healthy out here. Please, please wash your hands; do not touch your face; cough in your arm or just cover you mouth


"Mat is life"

If you have ever held a basketball; played a pick up game; watch your favorite team; and or consumed sports media. You may (or may not) have heard the pharase, “Ball is Life”. I myself have interpreted the phrase as having love and passion for the game of basketball. You may also have (or not) heard the phrase, “Ball don’t lie”. This phrase or at least my interpretation of it pretty much sums up. You cannot trash talk and then be shitty at playing the sport.

I recall playing plenty of basketball at Woodhill park. I myself was not and verbalize that I sucked at basketball. My defense was pretty decent and I would get you some rebounds. But nothing outside of that. My favorite player back in the day was definitely Michael Jordan! Who didn’t like MJ!?!? Over the years my friends and I would emulate our favorite players game. Again, I sucked but someone who plays like me was Dennis Rodman. I fucks wit Dennis Rodman!

Now what does this have to do with grappling and or Jiu-Jitsu? Plenty actually! You can draw lots of parallels from basketball to grappling. Where love and passion run amok on the mats. Everywhere around the globe! You might want to say, “Mat is Life”. You have to have a love and passion to do combat sports. Or you just probably won’t make it that far. I remember coming up as a white belt on up. My favorite ‘player’ was and still is Marcelo Garcia and Ronaldo Suza aka ‘Jacare’. Obviously that was a minute ago! I am starting to get back into watching JJ footage and events. My fav new guys right now are…Idk I fucks wit Danher death squad for sho. It is impressive how effective and dominating they are right now. I also like guys like Andris Brunovskis, DJ Jackson, and Tim Spriggs. Also I fucks with young Mikey Musumeci!

As the new year is moving forward. I am finding my love for Jiu-Jitsu. It was never a lack of passion. But definitely was not loving the game like I use too. Pretty much I type all of that to say this. Jiu-Jitsu people come from all walks of life. In life we are at certain stages or stations. Currently at my current station in life. I happen to be what I would call a hobbyist. I do not train like back in my 20s. I’m in my late 30s now (Going to be 37! Holy fuck!). I am a whole as parent now! I got sponsibillities now!!!

I was listening to a podcast ChewJitsu run by Nick Albin and Dr. Tsozik (https://chewjitsu.libsyn.com). He (Chewy) mentioned ego death. From at least how I interpreted it. Ego death is where you use to do something. I.e. MMA. But some years past by and you still trying to do MMA; but you might run a school; or be a parent and a professional; or insert you personal story…you know what I mean? So as a hobbyist. I have spent years! Trying to figure out how to just be consistent with training. On top of your other ‘hats’ that you where.

I would honestly say just get in where you fit in. That’s the ‘advice’. Some months you will be happy with how you a progressing. Other months (say February!!!) you won’t train at all. Which brings me to my next coveats. 1) Brain is thinking about Jiu-Jitsu. Perhaps you cannot train like you want. So you take this time to prioritize. Maybe you needed the break anyways. Cuz, there is not an off season for combat sports. But your body needs that rest. So work your mind instead. YouTube (YT) would be my go to resource. Now you have to be specific!!! On what you would like to learn or just get the brain going. Me personally I watch matches. I like to see different people roll. I like to do imagery where I imagine myself in that position and think how would I react.

Two, when you do train. Again specific! You do not have the time to be like. Sheit Ima just do whatever. Which is cool sometimes because you need that break from the madness. But lets not make that a habit. Specific. I do not know anything from top position of side control. I want to learn how to control and finish from the back (Bain of my existence). I want to learn how to defend leg locks or attack leg locks. Begin to really specify what you want to do. You ain’t got time Cuz! Trust me!

Finally I leave you with this tibet. Your why you started in it simplest form is love and passion for Jiu-Jitsu. Find a way to keep loving the game. And if you don’t love the game. Then maybe you need to rethink your relationship with the game. Ya dig? Keep that passion burning (goals!!!!!!!). Seriously setting goals and just being a student of the game should be enough. And if you are like fuck this shit! You either just need a break; or fix something within yourself (attitude); or fix something in your life; or fix your physical health; or get some help with your mental health. That is it! Seriously!

One Love!